Situated at Paradeep- the deepest natural port on the East coast of India, the IFFCO Paradeep plant is the world’s largest grassroots DAP plant

FAI Awards - 2012

IFFCO Paradeep unit has won the following two prestigious awards from "The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI), New Delhi" . The awards were given during the presentation ceremony held on 10th December 2012 at Agra. These Awards were presented by Shri Srikanta Kumar Jena, Union Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

1). "Environment Protection Award for a NP/NPK Complex Fertilizer plant including Captive Acids" - Winner for the year 2012

2). "Best Technical Innovation Award" - Runner up for the year 2012

The award was presented for "Modification of Evaporator's Barometric Condensers in concentration Section of Phosphoric Acid Plant by Installing Single Sieve Type Distribution Tray and Removal of Steam Ejector System".