Industries Chimiques du Senegal

Industries Chimiques du Senegal

Products: Rock Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid and NPK Fertilisers.

Plant Site: Darou, Senegal

Industries Chimiques du Senegal (ICS) was established following an agreement between the Government of India and Government of Senegal in March 1980 for equity participation by Indian parties for setting up the Phosphoric Acid manufacturing plant in Senegal. As India does not have enough reserves of Rock Phosphate, setting up of Phosphoric Acid manufacturing facility overseas was considered useful to sustain the supply of feedstock for production of phosphatic fertilisers in India. The commercial production of the Phosphoric Acid plant at Darou, Senegal commenced in April, 1984. The Darou plant had an initial installed capacity of 240,000 Tonnes Per Annum (TPA) of Phosphoric Acid in terms of P2O5 and the Mbao Plant of 200,000 TPA NPK fertilizer. The Darou plant was debottlenecked in 1991 to increase its capacity to 330,000 TPA P2O5. In view of the increasing demand of Phosphoric Acid, ICS implemented Expansion Project to increase the capacity of Phosphoric Acid to 660,000 TPA P2O5 in February 2002.

ICS was facing operational problems since 2003, mainly on account of issues related to logistics and working capital requirement. Post-restructuring in April 2008, there was some improvement in the performance of ICS. Production of Phosphoric Acid improved from around 180,000 MT P2O5 in 2008 to around 400,000 MT P2O5 in the year 2011. However, Phosphoric Acid production performance of ICS in terms of P2O5, remained much below its designed capacity of 660,000 MT per annum.

Therefore, another financial restructuring process was taken up in August 2014, in context of a long term development plan for increasing production capacity as well as to strengthen the Company. The rehabilitation of facilities and production has been started and is scheduled to be completed by year 2016, which will facilitate steady supply of Phosphoric Acid to IFFCO.

For the year 2015, ICS exported 238,007 tonnes of Phosphoric Acid in terms of P2O5 to IFFCO.