Dr. U. S. Awasthi

Dr. Udai Shanker Awasthi is the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of IFFCO since 1993. He is vested with the overall responsibility of the affairs of IFFCO's day to day activities

Mr. Rakesh Kapur

Mr. Rakesh Kapur holds the position of Joint Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer of IFFCO. Mr. Kapur is also responsible for the Finance Division of IFFCO. He is a Director on the Board of IFFCO's subsidiaries.

Mr. K. L. Singh

Mr. K.L.Singh holds the position of Director (Technical), of IFFCO. He has wide experience in Project Planning, Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Fertiliser Industry at various levels. He joined IFFCO in the year 1979 at Phulpur Unit (Allahabad).

Mr. R. P. Singh

Mr. R. P. Singh is presently the Director (HR & Legal) at Head Office, New Delhi. He joined IFFCO on 27th May, 1996 and worked in various capacities. He has contributed significantly in diversification of IFFCO through new ventures / acquisitions.

Mr. Arabinda Roy

Mr. Arabinda Roy holds the position of Marketing Director of IFFCO. He is responsible for planning & distribution of indigenous/imported fertiliser and sale through a vast network of Cooperative Societies spanning almost entire country.

Mr. Manish Gupta

Mr. Gupta joined IFFCO as Director (Strategy & Joint Ventures) on December 2010. An Ex-IRS officer, Mr. Gupta is an alumnus of the prestigious IIT, Delhi and IIM, Kolkata. Before joining IFFCO as a full time director Mr. Gupta served at senior positions in the Govt. of India and its various undertakings.

Mr. M. R. Patel

Mr. M.R Patel, Director (IT Services) is a Chemical Engineer from M.S University Vadodara, Gujarat. Mr. Patel has served IFFCO in different capacities before joining as a full time director on the IFFCO board. He was the Unit Head of the Paradeep and Kandla Units of IFFCO.

Mr. A. K. Singh

Mr. A.K Singh, Director (Cooperative Development & ESP) is a Chemical Engineer from the prestigious Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. Mr. Singh has been with IFFCO for over 4 decades. He was closely associated in the commissioning of Phulpur and Aonla units.

Mr. Anil Kumar Maheshwari

Mr. Anil Kumar Maheshwari, has been appointed as Non Board Level Director (New Projects and Agriculture Machinery) on 25th July, 2016 at our Corporate Office. Prior to this he was Unit Head of Aonla Unit since 1st August 2009. He started his career from IFFCO's Kalol Unit and worked for 10 years at IFFCO Phulpur Unit in various capacities.

Mr. Kamal Verma

Mr. Kamal Verma is presently working as Sr. Executive Director (Finance & Accounts) of IFFCO. Mr. Verma has joined IFFCO in the year 1978 and has about 37 years of experience in the field of Finance & Accounts.

Mr. Birinder Singh

Mr. Birinder Singh, Sr. Executive Director (Corporate Services) has been working in IFFCO since 1981. He has over 30 years of experience with IFFCO in India and possesses specialized knowledge of IFFCO's unique and proprietary business methodology in the international marketplace.

Mr. G. K. Gautam

A Mechanical Engineer from I.I.T. Roorkee he joined IFFCO’s Phulpur Unit in November 1981. He has held various positions in Phulpur and Aonla Plant of IFFCO. He has also served as incharge of quality control during engineering, procurement and construction in Oman India Fertliser Company SAOC (OMIFCO). Currently he is Sr. General Manager and is heading the Aonla Unit.

Mr. Ashis Kumar Panda

Mr. Ashis Kumar Panda, Sr. General Manager joined IFFCO's Phulpur Unit on January 1981. He also worked in Oman India Fertiliser Company SAOC (OMIFCO), a joint venture of IFFCO. Mr. Panda has served IFFCO for more than 35 years. He is presently the head of the Paradeep Unit since October, 2014.

Mr. Mukul Srivastava

Mr. Mukul Srivastava, Sr. General Manager took the charge of Head of IFFCO's Phulpur Unit on December, 2013. He has worked in various positions in production and technical department. He was instrumental in completion of Phulpur Expansion Project before the scheduled time

Mr. D. G. Inamdar

Mr. D. G. Inamdar, General Manager, took the charge of Head of IFFCO's Kalol Unit on 2nd January, 2017. He has worked in various positions in maintenance department at Phulpur and Kalol Unit and has an experience of over 30 years. He was instrumental in completion of Kalol Expansion Project and various phases of Energy Saving Project.

S. R Kushwaha

Mr. Kushwaha, Sr. General Manager took over the charge of Kandla Unit from 30.05.2015. He completed his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Banras Hindu University (BHU). Prior to taking charge of Kandla Unit, Shri Kushwaha has served IFFCO in different capacities at Phulphur , Aonla ,Head Office and Kandla Units.

Mr. S.G. Gedigeri Chief Executive Officer (OMIFCO)
Mr. S. N. Ambekar MD & CEO (JIFCO)
Mr. Yogesh Lohia MD & CEO (ITGI)
Mr. Sandeep Malhotra Chief Executive Officer (IKSL)
Mr. S. R. Khushwaha Chief Executive Officer(IKBL)
Mr. M. Rajashekharaiah Chief Executive Officer (IKSEZ)
Mr. M. C. Gupta Director(KIT)
Mr. S. P. Singh Chief Executive Officer (IFFDC)
Mr. Anil Dhingra Chief Executive Officer (IFFCO-MC)
Mr. Manish Gupta Managing Director (IFFCOeBazar)
Mr. Kamal Verma Chief Executive Officer (ICPL)